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Tough & Quick Value Bundle

Tough & Quick Value Bundle

Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream

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Value Bundle contains one squeeze bottle (3.4 oz.) and one 8 oz pump bottle for your counter-top.

Covid-19 requires you to wash frequently. Repeated hand washings strips away the skins essential oils.

You need to protect your skin. 

All day moisture replenishment with Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream. You get superior relief from dry, cracked, rough skin. Use the handy tube for quick relief any time. Deeply penetrating, Not greasy, deeply moisturizes and helps damaged skin return to normal.

  • 3.4 ounce size fits is an easy take along size. Use immediately after hand washings. Insure that you  have the deeply hydrating emollients and micro-mono layer film (TM) protection you need all day. Will not wash off. Not sticky and penetrates quickly. 
  • For Dry, Cracked, Rough skin.
Instantly feel the difference.