What our customers say about Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream.

"This is the first stuff that has done anything. Even the doctors are amazed. I work as a florist and my hands started breaking out in little blisters…then started to crack. I used all kinds of salves. Doctors didn’t know what the problem was and last week I bought a tube. …now all cracking is gone and my hands are soft. I don’t have to wear gloves to sleep anymore. You’ve got my vote." Bonnie

"The tips of my fingers are no longer cracked.  Tough & Quick is an instant remedy for dry skin.  Unbelievable!" G.S. 

"Just a quick note to express my thanks for marketing a product that has provided long sought relief for a problem with my hands that had not only gotten more severe with every flare-up , but had also failed to respond to the dozen or so earlier treatments I’d tried in search of a remedy." Greg

"Before using your cream my fingers were badly split.  I work with balloons in my business.  Latex balloons are covered with a powder that is very drying.  Love the product!" Carol

"I am an electrician and your cream is healing my cracks.  I used other products and some are greasy.  I'm a police officer at night at U Mass Dartmouth and the guys at the station like it.  Not greasy-nice!" Ed

"I also purchased some for my 95 year old mother who has severely rough and cracked skin on her hands - she too found it to be a very good product.  If I didn't feel this way about it, I would not have gone back for more."

“My wife and I tried Tough & Quick™ Hand Repair Cream over the weekend and are sold. We want to order a counter display for ourselves!
          A Regional Sales and Business Development Manager, Do It Best Corporation

“This product is amazing and is selling great for us!”
Jen, Middlebury Farm & Garden, Middlebury, Vermont

"I have not found a product that works on my dry cracked hands as good as yours...I'm a nurse and a gardener...I love it." Jeanne

"My hands crack and split.  I like your product cause it works!" Atkinson 

"Your product is wonderful.  Since childhood, I have had trouble with chapping hands to the point that they crack open and bleed.  I must let you know that your product is the best item that I have found to combat the dryness and that it does heal the cracks." Sherrie,  

"I am a bartender and my heels got very dry, cracked and started to bleed. the skin is softening, the cracks are healing, my heel is healing.  Your product is really great stuff!  It doesn't hurt to put it on, it does what it says it will do.  It's wonderful." Cathy, S.  

"I work in the food and beverage industry.  I get splits at my cuticle.  The cream doesn't sting, is not greasy, goes right in and was just amazing.  This is great stuff.  If I use it regularly, my hands get back to normal.  You've got me as a customer!" Robert, 

"I sent this to my son who was in Iraq, because his hands were splitting so bad.  All his buddies wanted to know where they could buy this product..."Kathy