Dry Cracked skin: Taking care of your skin.

Dry Split Hands-Why

Hands are particularly prone to dryness, cracked or splits

Why do I need to protect my skin in warm weather?

Why do I need to protect my skin in warm weather?
As we get a taste of warm weather, we anxiously look to get our yards and gardens cleaned out and ready for summer.  We went shopping.  The store s...

Itchy skin and good, restful sleep!

I was going to bed the other night and when I climbed under the covers I noticed that my legs were itchy. What should I do to get a good night's sleep?....Experience had taught me that sleeping and scratching in my sleep all night  was not  a way to get much in the way of  real rest. I need some cream to stop the itching and  rehydrate my skin. 

Dry Skin- Who has dry, itchy skin?

Dry Skin: Includes cracking and splits This is what you will feel or see: -Rough, dry, cracked, red, sore, or bleeding skin -Gray, ashy skin -Chapp...

Dry Cracked Fingers and Skin: Why?

Dry Cracked Fingers and Skin: Why?
Your cracked skin and fingers are caused by exposure to irritating environments. In the winter, low humidity in our homes and workplaces often caus...

Taking care of your skin

Mechanic's hand with dry cracked skin
  What causes dry cracked fingers and skin? In short, the most common cause of dry cracked skin is exposure to environmental irritants. For exampl...