Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream 8 oz. Pump Bottle

Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream 8 oz. Pump Bottle

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Your hands never felt so good because this outstanding scientifically formulated Hand Repair Cream is the best you can buy for your dry, cracked skin. A hydrating, moisturizing restorative product that is taking the Hand Repair Cream market by storm. 

Why?  Made with all pharmaceutical grade ingredients assures the most effective outcomes without allergic reactions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fast relief for dry, cracked, red, sore hands. Contains a micro-mono film(TM) that protects your skin.. Emollients and five hydrating ingredients in our rich formulation aids in water retention. Tough & Quick maintains and replenishes your skin's moisture that  allows your body to heal. 

It's not just for cold weather, even the sun will dry out your skin! But do not forget that frequent washing or chemical exposure will also cause your hands to eventually crack.

Used in hospitals and clinics for more than 10 years solving the most torturous conditions is now available as an economical alternative to greasy products. Tough and Quick is the best and last hand repair cream you will ever need! .

Non greasy, will not wash off, instantly calming and moisturizing. No steroids, parabens, sulfates, alcohol or petrolatum.

Tough & Quick is protective of the environment. We stress the use of renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable ingredients.Our packaging is recyclable. 

"I virtually NEVER send this type of message, so you may be sure that not only was I desperate to find something that helped, but that you have a lifelong customer as well."