New Tough & Quick™ 6 oz. Squeeze Bottle-

New Tough & Quick™ 6 oz. Squeeze Bottle-

Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream

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Tough and Quick™ Hand Repair Cream keeps your hands from cracking and becoming sore and red due to repeated  washings. Use Tough and Quick at least twice a day.

Tough and Quick is specifically formulated to provide superior functionality for the relief of sore, red, cracked and chapped hands. Specifically, our cream is formulated to be light, airy and transparent, yet rich and nourishing.

Tough and Quick is an instantly  fresh, cooling and refreshing. We use all pharmaceutical grade ingredients.   Because High grade pharmaceutical ingredients make a more effective consistently effective product. We do not add any of the bad stuff.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Highly effective, relieves and helps to repair dry, red, sore cracked skin.
  • Concentrated cream that is not greasy, non-sticky, quickly absorbed, deeply penetrating: no steroids, parabens, or petrolatum.
  • Most effective skin care for extreme problems.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed.
  • Made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. 
  • More than 10 years this cream has only been in hospitals and clinics 
  • Visual appearance - glossy, light, silky cream
  • Feel the difference: cream is engineered to reduce stickiness
  • Super FAST absorption leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated 
    •  a soothing cooling effect,
    • rapid absorbency, thickness,
    • high viscosity concentrate, and rich feel
  • After absorption skin feel leaves a rich, non-greasy, with a water resistant softness of the skin.

 Our Promise

TOUGH AND QUICK Hand Repair Cream delivers real benefits based upon the knowledge and technology (science) that blends ingredients into a fast penetrating, not greasy formulation.

We promise that our product performs and lives up to its name.