Why do I need to protect my skin in warm weather?

As we get a taste of warm weather, we anxiously look to get our yards and gardens cleaned out and ready for summer. 

We went shopping.  The store shelves are full of spring stuff: flower seeds, fertilizers, insecticides .

It is important to remember that soil, moldy leaves, fertilizers and insecticides are chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Use gloves and protect your skin with Tough and Quick Hand Repair Cream and SPF 30 sunscreen.

We are trying to hold off the evidence of age and too much sun exposure. All winter we've used the Tough and Quick cream on our face and hands. This winter the cracking we usually endure did not appear because of the protective hydration of the cream. 

With the warmer weather we all think that the use of cream is not indicted. After all our hands do not usually crack in the summer. For the most part that is true, but protecting you skin from contact with soil and chemicals is a great idea.

It is the long term effects of contact with chemicals and soil that will prematurely age you skin. Tough and Quick puts down a protective barrier while maintaining natural skin moisture. Do not forget the sunscreen before you go outside.