Taking care of your skin


Mechanic's hand with dry cracked skin

What causes dry cracked fingers and skin?

In short, the most common cause of dry cracked skin is exposure to environmental irritants. For example, cement, dishwashing and antibacterial soaps contain caustic ingredients that will quickly dry out your skin. Anything that removes your natural oils or breaks down your skin will damage your skin. Remember, dry cracked skin is a wound.  Most cracked skin is seen in winter since your home heating creates low humidity in our environment.

The skin of our fingertips is thick, but once it has started to crack your skin will lose water. Consistently using Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream will seal and protect your skin with our micro-mono layer(TM) film that helps  your skin retain moisture.  You need to regain normal, hydrated skin. Most people report that they start to get relief almost instantly, but it will take several days for the deeper cracks to begin healing.