Itchy skin and good, restful sleep!

A personal experience.

 I was going to bed the other night (really sleepy) and when I climbed under the covers I noticed that my legs were itchy. Hmmmm.  Having a residual cough made me aware that I was exhaling a significant amount of water with each breath. I decided that I needed more moisture in the room. 

Remembering, I have an extra humidifier in the cellar. Too sleepy, the humidifier would have to wait till tomorrow.

Then I thought about what caused the itching. I said, "Self, what did you do different that your skin should itch?"

  • Did I drink enough water today to keep hydrated?   Nope
  • Did I shower with a soap that tends to dry my skin?  Yep
  • Did you apply hand repair cream right after toweling off.  Nope
  • Was the shower water too hot (hot showers really feel good)?  Nope, the water temperature was not different.

What should I do to sleep without itching? All these fleeting thoughts going through  my mind and all I want to do is sleep--not get out of bed!

Experience has taught me that sleeping and scratching in my sleep all night is not  a way to get much in the way of real rest. Clearly, I needed some cream to stop the itching and rehydrate my skin. 

The house was already cold and the idea of getting out of a warm bed made me dred the walk to the the bathroom. The floor seemed extra cold as I made my way. All the while, as I was trying to make as little disturbance as possible, I found my trusty Tough and Quick Hand Repair Cream and applied it to my shin and calf. WOW! The itching subsided almost instantly.

Okay, now back across the icy wooden tundra floor and into my still warm bed.

Problem solved for tonight, but tomorrow I will make a concerted effort to drink more water.Yes, I'll change my soap.Yes, I'll get the extra humidifier from the cellar. Yes, I will keep a tube of Tough and Quick on my bedside table! Ah, off to sleep.

Marty Newman