Hand Washing & Dry Cracked Fingers and Skin: Why?

In the age of COVID-19, your cracked skin and fingers are caused by lots of hand washing that results in your skin's moisture loss. Because you want and need a product that actually works, you can count on TOUGH & QUICK HAND REPAIR CREAM to take care of your skin. 

Skin of your fingertips is thick. Once a crack has started, your skin loses moisture. Think of it as a small wound. As water is lost, underlying tissue continues to dry out and crack and this cycle continues. By using TOUGH & QUICK HAND REPAIR CREAM, you moisturize, seal and protect your cracked skin with our unique,breathable, micro layer film.  At the same time you get lots of rich emollients penetrating deeply into your skin. The film is formed after the moisturizers and emollients have penetrated your skin.

Your cracks are usually hard to heal.  TOUGH & QUICK HAND REPAIR CREAM is just the answer. Why? Because our cream actually works to help restore your normal skin. Usually, most skin begins to heal in 2 to 4 days. It is important to continue to use  TOUGH & QUICK HAND REPAIR CREAM to help heal and maintain normal healthy skin.