COVID-19, Hand washing and Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream

Controlling COVID 19 by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds followed by the application of Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream really helps maintain natural healthy skin.

If hand washing is done properly, it is an outstanding and important factor in restricting the spread of disease. Did you know that prior to 1822 hand washing was unimportant especially in hospitals?  It wasn’t till 1939 that washing with soap and alcohol became the surgical protocol. This practice continues today. Amazing!

But what about the consequences to your skin that creates dry, cracked and painful split skin on your hands?  Frequent hand washing depletes the skin’s natural protective barrier and strips away natural oils. Chemical cleansing agents found in soaps and hand sanitizers can further irritate your skin. Repetitive hand washing will cause skin damage, and creates dry, cracked and painful split finger tips. This is not just cosmetic but puts you at greater risk of infection.

There is real help before you develop severely dry or cracked fingers tips. Apply Tough & Quick Hand Repair Cream. Fact: If you washed your hands 10 or more times a day you are more likely to develop severely dry, flaky and cracked skin.

Tough and Quick Hand Repair Cream™ is an outstanding product that is not greasy, instantly absorbed and applies a barrier that will not was off. Check out all of the Tough and Quick family of products at